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Melting ice
Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. Download this movie.
Melting Ice, Rising Seas: Coastal Impacts of Sea Level Rise
[13-Oct-2009] Josh Willis: "A lot of people live in coastal areas. Coastal places that have beaches. As sea level rises, then beaches begin to erode and we begin to lose wetlands. A lot of different ecologically-sensitive regions lie along the coastline, and as sea level rises, these get flooded (and) the ecosystems, of course, change. And so all of this can have big consequences for people and especially people who live near the coast."
Josh Willis: "As the great ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland begin to melt and break up due to global warming, we really might experience very rapid sea level rise; three or four times as fast as the rate that we see today. So predicting this rate out into the future is very tricky because we really don't know when the ice sheets might break up and how fast they will when they do. So predicting future sea level rise is one of the great scientific problems of the future." View full movie here. (00:00:58) Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.
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