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NASA Salinity Communication and Public Engagement
[29-Aug-2018] deCharon, A. and Vazquez, J.
Presented at the 2018 Ocean Salinity Science Team and Salinity Continuity Processing Meeting
As a NASA pathfinder mission dedicated to public engagement, Aquarius made significant strides in broadening interest in salinity beyond the scientific community. Using lessons learned from this experience, we will help the Ocean Salinity Science Team (OSST) contribute to NASA's strategic communications goals in specific and measurable ways. By doing so, the OSST will collectively contribute to broader ocean and climate literacy efforts.
Objectives of this activity align with OSST topics as follows:
  • Demonstrate clear linkages among ocean surface salinity variability, ocean circulation, Earth's water cycle, and climate;
  • Highlight the synergistic value of NASA ocean surface salinity data in the broader context of other satellite and in situ measurements;
  • Provide insights into salinity variations within the upper water column in terms of environmental processes, along with associated implications for "ground truthing" satellite-derived salinity data; and
  • Share the processes used to retrieve and refine salinity derived from satellite and other methods, including the ongoing efforts to improve data accuracy and consistency.
A new resource, the "NASA Salinity" website, allows users to readily search and retrieve information about NASA's salinity missions. The website is designed to accommodate large volumes of data products, publications, documents, and artifacts from OSST-related science meetings, along with galleries of multimedia resources. A key endeavor will be engaging emergent salinity scientists and applications communities. For example, we will provide training opportunities patterned after the successful webinar series pilot, Aquarius Data Visualization, Interpretation, Communication & Engagement (ADVICE), held in 2016 in conjunction with NASA's Earth Observing System Data and Information System. In addition to this specialized type of instruction, we will reach very broad audiences by serving as ocean salinity content providers to the "Earth Right Now" campaign committee, who coordinate and execute NASA's crosscutting outreach opportunities, media activities, and events.
Through effective communication and public engagement, awareness and appreciation of NASA's salinity program will not only be sustained, it will be able to meet the changing needs of society.

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