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Supporting the Distribution and Archival of Salinity Products at the PO.DAAC: A Status Update
[29-Aug-2018] Vazquez-Cuervo, J. and Tsontos, V.
Presented at the 2018 Ocean Salinity Science Team and Salinity Continuity Processing Meeting
This talk presents a summary of the archival process for Aquarius and the support and distribution of NASA Salinity data going forward. Aquarius V 5.0 end-of-mission data was archived and released publicly in December 2017. The Phase F Aquarius mission artifact preservation and closeout task were completed in July 2018. The effort includes all mission data productions and versions, ancillary datasets, technical documentation, website and mission pages, and team contacts.
Information about NASA Salinity Field Campaigns and Project Support are discussed. Important notices for users of data hosted at PO.DAAC is shared, including information about the phasing out of the PO.DAAC FTP site.

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