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Welcome from ESA
[06-Nov-2018] Mecklenburg, S.
Presented at the 2018 Ocean Salinity Science Conference
SMOS is an ESA Explorer Opportunity science mission, a technology demonstration satellite project in ESA's Living Planet Program. After nine years in orbit, SMOS continues to successfully demonstrate observations of sea surface salinity for a large variety of scientific and operational applications. User community feedback supports L-Band continuity and the mission extension review through 2021 remains ongoing with no limiting factors anticipated. What comes next?
  • New operational products (SMOS/Cryosat sea ice thickness, severe wind over ocean)
  • Long-term scenario "Families" (Microwave Imaging, Optical Imaging, Topographic Measurement, Spectroscopic Atmospheric Measurement)
  • The Copernicus High Priority Candidate Missions (HPCM)
  • The SMOS Pilot-Mission Exploitation Platform (Pi-MEP)
  • The 2019 Living Planet Symposium (Milan, Italy)

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