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Development of Satellite Oceanographic Data Quality Monitoring Systems and Services at NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)
[10-Dec-2018] Zhang, Y., Zhao, X., and Zhang, H-M.
Presented at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting
As an effort to monitor the NOAA satellite oceanographic products (e.g., NOAA OSTM/Jason-2 and Jason-3 sea level anomaly, SAR ocean surface wind, SST, etc.) served at the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), we have developed a real-time data quality monitoring system (DQMS) and services for these datasets. The principle concept of the DQMS is to calculate the data quality descriptive statistics for selected parameters as the data files are received at NCEI, along with near-real-time generation of the level-3 quick-look gridded data directly from the level-2 orbit data. The NCEI DQMS not only enables NCEI data archive managers to view the near-real-time satellite data ingest to see if the descriptive quality statistics in the data file fall out of acceptable ranges, but also provide friendly interfaces for public users and data producers to access the data quality information and quick-look level-3 gridded data stored in NetCDF data files through OPeNDAP, THREDDS and Live Access Server (LAS) servers, or a direct access to pre-generated images on a web site. Additionally, application of the NCEI-collected high-quality in situ sea surface salinity (SSS) from NCEI ocean databases in the ESA's SMOS satellite SSS data monitoring has been tested. We will present NCEI practices in monitoring the data quality on Jason-2 and 3 sea level anomaly, NOAA SAR ocean surface wind, as well as the satellite SSS level-2 data from the NASA's SMAP and Aquarius, and ESA's SMOS satellites.