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Theoretical Basis and Examples of Global Sea Products (Level 3) for MWR
[12-Nov-2013] Masuelli, S., Heredia, S., and Madero, F.
Presented at the 2013 Aquarius/SAC-D Science Team Meeting
The main goal of the SAC-D/Aquarius mission is to produce weekly products of sea salinity, with global cover on the ocean. In this way the MWR, that was designed to provide important data to improve the accuracy of sea salinity estimation, can produce weekly cover maps of its geophysical retrievals: sea ice concentration, water vapor column, rain rate and wind speed. These maps are very useful to analyse the changes of these variables from the point of view of climate. In this work we present the basis to produce weekly and monthly products (L3) of the MWR's geophysical variables, based on the global product definitions for similar purposes. We show the sea ice concentration global products that are being produced operatively in two formats: a list of points on a geodesic grid in hdf5 and these data projected on the same stereographic grid that is used by NSIDC, in geotif. Additionally, we present preliminary global products for the other variables on the NSIDC's EASE grid projection for medium and low latitudes.

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