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Upper Ocean Variability of Temperature, Salinity And Dissipation During SPURS
[26-Feb-2014] ten Doeschate, A., Sutherland, G., Font, J., Reverdin, G., and Ward, B.
Presented at the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting
This poster presents results from the deployment of the Air Sea Interaction Profiler (ASIP) during two research campaigns within the framework of the SPURS ocean experiment: STRASSE (August/September 2012) and MIDAS (March/April 2013). ASIP is an autonomous, vertical profiler, that provides undisturbed measurements within the ocean surface boundary layer until very close to the ocean surface. The combination of data from the microstructure conductivity sensor (SBE-07) and a microstructure thermistor (FP07), that measure simultaneously and are positioned adjacent to each other on the head of ASIP, result in temperature and salinity profiles with a spatial resolution O(1 cm). Small-scale vertical shear is measured by two shear probes (SPM-38) on ASIP, providing estimates of dissipation with a vertical resolution of 0.5 m. Daily variability patterns in temperature and salinity are investigated, with a focus on the upper 10m. The resulting density profile that determines stratification and turbulent mixing in the upper ocean is investigated. Results from ASIP are compared to the meteorological background and wave conditions during each cruise.