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Global Surface Alkalinity from Aquarius Satellite
[11-Nov-2014] Fine, R., Willey, D., and Millero, F.
Presented at the 2014 Aquarius/SAC-D Science Team Meeting
The unprecedented salinity coverage from the Aquarius satellite (version 3) has provided the opportunity to calculate surface alkalinity globally. In the oceans, total alkalinity (TA) is a gauge on the ability of seawater to neutralize acids. Alkalinity is a major component of seawater, and there is a strong correlation between TA and salinity. In earlier work, the ocean was divided into five regions where an empirical relationship has been used to represent surface TA as a function of SST and SSS. Monthly and annual 2012-14 global surface ocean maps of satellite TA will be presented using the empirical relationship with Aquarius SSS and satellite Reynolds SST. The maps are used to document variability in TA on time scales of months to years. Differences in TA between satellite and _ climatology and in situ data are mapped. In addition, satellite TA and in situ pCO2 are used to calculate Total CO2 and pH. Our overall objective is to increase understanding of the spatial and temporal variability of surface ocean alkalinity, which has direct significance for understanding ocean acidification.

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