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NIRST Ready for Science
[13-Nov-2014] Marraco, H., Labanda, M., Raymondo, H., Colazo, M., and Kalemkarian, M.
Presented at the 2014 Aquarius/SAC-D Science Team Meeting
After considerable work sorting several unforeseen obstacles NIRST is now ready for science. Several examples of the camera's capabilities for revealing land and sea surfaces temperatures distributions with a whole calibrated range are shown. A brief description of the steps leading to this successful goal is also given. This description includes the pitfalls incurred during the camera design, their causes and cures.NIRST camera can now operate with a NEDT of 0.45K@300K and an uncertainty in the calibration of about 1 K for the brightness temperatures measured by the 10.8 µm camera and slightly larger values for the 11.8 µm camera.

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