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SAC-D/ Aquarius 3rd Year
[13-Nov-2014] Rabolli, M. and Torrusio, S.
Presented at the 2014 Aquarius/SAC-D Science Team Meeting
After the 3rd year on orbit we are presenting the status of the instruments developed under Argentinian responsibility and of those developed by France and Italy. After a long work we obtained the NIRST calibration, microbolometers flying for the first time. MWR, microwave radiometer, we present the status and the validation of the algorithms developed for estimating wind speed, sea ice concentration, water vapor and rain rate. DCS is monitoring a volcano in Antartica and different sites in our country. We obtained images of Antartica with the High Sensitivity Camera, HSC, which are presented as a gallery for the public access. The French instrument CARMEN 1 is working nominally an bringing important information about radiative particles arriving on the Earth surface. As a scientific result of the scientific production we have more than 50 scientific publication, presentations and posters authored by the staff of the projects of the announcement of opportunities. We contributed with the E&PO Aquarius team in developing material and spreading to the school teachers and students.

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