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Paraná River Delta 2013 Flood Monitoring Using AMSR-2, SMOS, Aquarius and Cosmo Skymed Data
[10-Sep-2015] Salvia, M., Grings, F., Bruscantini, C., Barraza, V., Perna, P., Karszenbaum, H., and Ferrazzoli, P.
Presented at the 13th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment
This paper compares the performance of Aquarius, SMOS and AMSR2 data to estimate the fraction of flooded area and mean water level inside a wetland, in the framework of an active/passive flood monitoring algorithm. The method, which is an extension of previously developed algorithms based on passive data, exploits the synergy of passive and active microwave signatures and model simulations of vegetation emissivity. The procedure is applied to a moderate event that occurred on the ParanၠRiver Delta in 2013. We discuss the effect that the different spatial resolutions have for this hydrological application.