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Aquarius Whole Range Calibration: Celestial Sky, Ocean, and Land Targets
[10-Sep-2015] Dinnat, E.P., Le Vine, D.M., Bindlish, R., Piepmeier, J.R., and Brown, S.T.
Presented at the 13th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment
Aquarius is a spaceborne instrument that uses L-band radiometers to monitor sea surface salinity globally. Other applications of its data over land and the cryosphere are being developed. Combining its measurements with existing and upcoming L-band sensors will allow for long term studies. For that purpose, the radiometers calibration is critical. Aquarius measurements are currently calibrated over the oceans. They have been found too cold at the low end (celestial sky) of the brightness temperature scale, and too warm at the warm end (land and ice). We assess the impact of the antenna pattern model on the biases and propose a correction. We re-calibrate Aquarius measurements using the corrected antenna pattern and measurements over the Sky and oceans. The performances of the new calibration are evaluated using measurements over well instrument land sites.