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Aquarius Salinity and Wind Retrieval Using the CAP Algorithm and Application to Water Cycle Observation in the Indian Ocean and Subcontinent
[17-Sep-2015] Yueh, S., Wenqing, T., Fore, A., Hayashi, J.C.A., Lagerloef, G., Jackson, T., and Bindlish, R.
Presented at the 2013 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
Aquarius is a combined passive/active L-band microwave instrument developed to map the ocean surface salinity field from space [1]. The primary science objective of this mission is to monitor the seasonal and interannual variation of the large scale features of the surface salinity field in the open ocean with a spatial resolution of 150 km and a retrieval accuracy of 0.2 psu globally on a monthly basis. The measurement principle is based on the response of the L-band (1.413 GHz) sea surface brightness temperatures to sea surface salinity.