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Aquarius RFI Detection and Mitigation
[17-Sep-2015] Le Vine, D.M., de Matthaeis, P., Ruf, C., Chen, D., and Dinnat, E.P.
Presented at the 2013 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
Aquarius is an L-band instrument designed to map sea surface salinity from space. Monitoring salinity from space is a particularly sensitive measurement and RFI is a concern, even in the protected band at 1.4 GHz where the Aquarius radiometers operate. To protect against RFI, the Aquarius radiometer samples rapidly and a glitch detection algorithm is employed to check each sample for RFI. This strategy has worked well over oceans, but there are large areas over land, especially in Asia and Europe, where contamination by RFI affects most samples.