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Tools, Services and Support of NASA Salinity Data at the PO.DAAC
[18-Nov-2015] Vazquez, J. and Tsontos, V.
Presented at the 2015 Aquarius/SAC-D Science Team Meeting
A view of the current state of the availability of Aquarius mission data, including the currently publicly-available dataset Version 4.0., datasets utilized for calibration and validation efforts, and additional datasets from other campaigns (e.g., SPURS field campaign data) available on PO.DAAC. In 2015, PO.DAAC had 1220 unique users and 971 registered Aquarius users, with additional users added each week. The support services provided by PO.DAAC, are summarized, along with an analysis of the quantity and type of support inquiries, as well as the response time to answer those user inquiries. The plan for Phase-F mission closeout support is presented.

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