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A Novel Downscaling Methodology for Intermediate Resolution Radiometer Data for SMAP
[31-Jul-2015] Bruscantini, C.A., Grings, F.M., Barber, M., Franco, M., Entekhabi, D., and Karszenbaum, H.
Presented at the 2015 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
A novel downscaling methodology for intermediate spatial resolution radiometer data is developed in view of forthcoming SMAP mission. It is based on an active and a passive microwave forward model coupled by its ancillary parameters. The combined active/passive model introduced in this work yields backscatter and emission observations relation consistent with Aquarius/SAC-D observations and with what it has been reported in previous papers. Furthermore, merging spatial resolution between radar-derived and radiometer-based brightness temperature (Tb) is performed in a least-square framework. Methodology is tested using a synthetic numerical simulation example which showed that this approach leads to an increase of downscaled Tb accuracy.

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