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Tools, Services and Support of NASA Salinity Mission Data Archival and Distribution through the PO.DAAC (Poster)
[23-May-2017] Tsontos, V., Vazquez, J., and Lee, T.
Presented at the Global Ocean Salinity and the Water Cycle Workshop
The Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Center (PO.DAAC) serves as the designated NASA repository and distribution node for all Aquarius/SAC-D and SMAP sea surface salinity (SSS) mission data products in close collaboration with the projects. In addition to these official mission products, PO.DAAC archives and distributes high-value, principal investigator led satellite SSS products, and also datasets from NASA's "Salinity Processes in the Upper Ocean Regional Study" (SPURS 1 & 2) field campaigns in the N. Atlantic salinity maximum and high rainfall E. Tropical Pacific regions. Here we report on the status of these data holdings at PO.DAAC, and the range of data services and access tools that we provide in support of NASA salinity. These include user support and data discovery services, OPeNDAP and THREDDS web services for subsetting/extraction, and visualization via LAS and SOTO. Emphasis is placed on newer capabilities, including PODAAC's advanced L2 subsetting tool called HITIDE and a generalized satellite-in situ data collocation service (DOMS) that is under development.

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