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Multi-platform Lagrangian Observation of Ocean Boundary Layer Shear and Stratification During SPURS-2
[24-May-2017] Shcherbina, A., Certunioni, L., D'Asaro, E., Hodges, B., Rainville, L., Riser, S., and Volkov, D.
Presented at the Global Ocean Salinity and the Water Cycle Workshop
During the first part of SPURS-2 experiment, a cluster of autonomous instruments was deployed for a 100-day 1,800-km coordinated quasi-Lagrangian drift through the North Pacific intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ). A total of 25 instruments participated in the drift during various stages of the experiment: a WHOI Wave Glider, an APL Seaglider, an APL Lagrangian float, a UW Profiling APEX float, 3 AOML Salinity drifters, and 18 SIO SVP(-S) drifters. The cluster conducted multi-platform observations of the ocean surface boundary layer structure and dynamics in a quasi-Lagrangian frame of reference minimizing the effects of horizontal advection. We will present preliminary results of this coordinated study, focusing on the evolution of upper-ocean stratification and shear in response to storm-induced rainfall and wind bursts.

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