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Sea Surface Salinity: Inter-Comparison of Satellite Products, In Situ Measurements, and Impact of Differences in Retrieval Algorithm
[23-Jul-2017] Dinnat, E.P., Le Vine, D.M., Boutin, J., and Meissner, T.
Presented at the 2017 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
We present comparisons between satellite sea surface salinity products from the SMOS, Aquarius and SMAP missions and assess some of the reasons for the observed differences. To do so, we reprocess Aquarius retrievals using the dielectric constant model and ancillary sea surface temperature product used for SMOS. We quantify their impact on the differences between SMOS and Aquarius, and validate the various Aquarius algorithms using in situ salinity measurements. Among the significant difference in retrieved sea surface salinity are the dependence to sea surface temperature and coastal biases. New approaches to for land contamination correction will be presented.

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