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Salinity Rain Impact Model (RIM) Optimization: Preliminary Results
[23-Jul-2017] Jacob, M., Jones, L.W., Drushka, K., Santos-Garcia, A., Asher, W. and Scavuzzo, M.
Presented at the 2017 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
Based upon research with the Aquarius (AQ) satellite remote sensor, a rain impact model (RIM) has been developed which estimates the occurrence of sea surface salinity (SSS) stratification. RIM uses global salinity (HYCOM) and rainfall (CMORPH) products to estimate the transient change in SSS due to rainfall. Previously SSS predicted by RIM have exhibited good correlations with AQ, but the choice for the duration window (24 h) was arbitrary. In this paper, we examine the effect on RIM of different time duration windows.

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