An illustration of ocean sensors over a photo taken during a NASA field campaign
Various sensors on satellites and in the ocean complement each other to monitor the variability of sea surface salinity with location and time. This photo was taken during a campaign for the second NASA Salinity Processes in the Upper-Ocean Regional Study (SPURS2). Ocean salinity experts met in Paris last November to discuss recent research results and future research needs. Credit: Audrey Hasson
Progress in Ocean Salinity Science
[16-Apr-2019] How salty is the world's ocean? Ocean salinity is a key variable of Earth's water cycle and a key driver of ocean dynamics. The Global Climate Observing System and the Global Ocean Observing System have identified ocean salinity as an essential climate variable: a "must-include" variable in climate models. Recently, through the advent of new observing technologies, research based on salinity measurements has gained prominence within the scientific and operational communities. To review recent research progress and discuss future plans, 115 scientists and representatives of operational services met at Sorbonne University in Paris for the fifth Ocean Salinity Science Conference.